If you Soul Talked and loved it-
you can become a Soul Talking Facilitator

Do you  feel the need to help others with balance and direction?
Many people love the Soul Talking Technique 
TM because they can self- heal.

There are other people that need that extra boost to  get where they need to be with releasing and replacing.

This is where you come in.  You can learn the modality of the Soul Talking technique to guide others with personal sessions or guide large groups.

I train you.

​  Remember , the more people that know about this technique- the better our community will be - because soul talking  successors are happier higher vibe people!

Everyone wants to join the happy!

You can be a part of facilitating this environment.
 Here's How:
Your journey consists of 3 courses.
Course/Phase 1 The Basics
Course /Phase 2 The Details
Course/Phase 3 The Action

​ Share the knowledge and skills with others!
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Soul Talking    Facilitator

This is it- Time to Commit to change your life and other people''s for the better! join me now- Pay now for your Soul Talking Facilitator workshop! $333 investment