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What is “The Energy Exchange?”

I am a “Messenger of the Light,” or that’s what I call myself. MY “HUMAN” NAME IS JOLIE DEMARCO.

Over the last 10 years, I have been listening to the voices in my head, and lucky enough, those voices have been correct about 95% of the time.

The part I had to learn was how to ask the “voices” or energies, entities, Angels for the correct information! Communication is the Key! Once I established how to ask information for me, and then for others correctly all was great!

Some people call me an Intuitive, Psychic or Medium. I am able to contact deceased humans (if they choose to come!), speak to animals, and other entities of the unknown and Angels, Spirits of the Light, along with what I call universal energies. All of which I am grateful that they want to send me messages and knowledge to share with “other humans.” Basically, I am tuned into a “channel,” I hear messages from high frequency vibrations.

I wrote a book specifically to share “messages” from these spirits. I also wrote about easy ways for you to communicate with energies of light, skills and tips, along with a very important message from these Light beings, to explain “Energy Exchange.”

Why is this Energy Exchange so important?

Well, I believe in that future, telepathic skills of “listening” will be the only way of communicating, and to live with an equal energy exchange with all energies on earth and beyond will affect our everyday lives and theirs.

It seems only fair to be happy, loving and kind, because our world can affect their world since we all are in the same atmosphere. If we all are on higher vibration (which means happy) our atmosphere and all that is in it, makes a better place to reside.

Not only having an even or a balanced energy exchange with these other far-way places or words, but our earth would be better off and everything as a whole will be much better for all us humans.

Think about it, because as I see it, right now, what we are doing is not an even energy exchange with our own earth, obviously enough, it’s not working out too wel – ya know with global warming, contaminated water, food and all that.

I wasn’t an even or positive energy exchange with everyone, everything and all existence.

I listened to these “Spirit Guide of the Light” and wrote their messages. Read the “channeled messages” of what they shared to teach us, I hope you like them and can realize how much it all makes sense. Like me, you can “listen too.” As these spirit guides and Angels explain, “Every energy exchange counts!”

“The balance ‘Energy Exchange’ is felt, heard and accepted.”

“This is a continuous way of existence.”

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