Jolie is an advocate of high vibrational living– which means “ living happy.” Jolie created The Mindful Healing Center called My Flora Aura. She said  she wanted to share all the good things in life—things she loves, that bring high vibes!

She is more than an owner of the shop that holds  the most beautiful energy on Earth– but an author,  inspirational speaker , intuitive and a conduit  of healing energy.

​Jolie always says and I quote her
I am just a pipeline of which  positive energy flows through me into others– from verbal vibration or high vibrations  direct from source– that’s whomever you believe in .  I am just a messenger and conduit.” 
I think that explains a lot. Jolie  also says “ I am grateful to do so  for others.” 

Among her many talents– Jolie wrote 8 books( all avail on AMAZON)—as she explains –8 more on the way. She has a cool Mandala oracle card deck  available on i-phone and android.  Additionally 

Jolie is the innovator of a mentorship program called & YAE program ( pronounced YEAHH!)  the concept -helping teens make the correct  choices before they take a wrong path.  YAE is for Young Adult Empowerment-Jolie loves working with teens and youngins’ -ages 20 to 30 somethings as she describes them-that need guidance & purpose. She gives them positive perspectives, helps them advance in life and to make decisions that are mindful.

You can follow Jolie DeMarco on YOU TUBE, or in magazines such as Palm Beach Woman. You can meet her at one of her meditation's-or for a private reading . My fav is Jolie’s empowerment sessions they’re truly life changing. Call to make an  appointment . . It is  all -in Boca Raton. The address of this majical shop is 26 Se 4th street Boca Raton FL 33432.
​Phone 561-901-5808.


About Jolie DeMarco

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