Jolie  on TLC TV ” I am Jazz” show Season 5 episode 11
Jolie on TLC TV ” I AM JAZZ”  show Season 5 episode 2…/i-am-…/full-episodes/scared-unprepared

Jolie’s Latest Speaking events

– Aspen Lead with Love- with featured speakers Deepak Chopra , Marianne Williamson & Sean Corn 2017 “Top 11 Crystals to Rock Your world”

Spirit  Center -” 66 Crystal and How they  work for you!” Crystal Mania! workshop 2018

Here are just a few  Magazines and Radio Shows, Jolie has been featured in.

Lets Talk Crystals with Jolie radio  & host  Cynde Meyers Blog talk radio 2018  technical problems but then its On! click to Listen

Positively Positive article 3 Crystals to Attract Positive Vibes

Grant Thornton Inspirational guest speaker – All things positive

Two Seventy  online magazine- various Crystal a blogs 2017

Today’s Yoga Magazine as  cosmic awareness writer and featured

Boca Raton Magazine featured article- ( below)

Palm Beach Woman  – (Article)

Holistic Therapist Magazine

World Peace Radio

Above Top Secret Radio

Holistic Therapist Magazine

World Peace Radio

Above Top Secret Radio

ATS Live Radio

Jolie’s YouTube channel

Palm Beach Woman and Boca Mag!

Image result for palm beach woman Jolie demarcoPalm Beach woman snippholistiv magboca-mag

Boca Mag, Florida – see pdf of article here The Sixth Sense Debate – Psychics or Frauds?

Can You Read My Mind? Featuring Jolie DeMarco.



crystal layouts on the body with Jolie