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Email Reading 6 Questions

Email-Remote Channeled Angel Reading
 You Ask 6 Questions
This option is for those who want specific questions answered.  Jolie will contact the “Guides of the light” (“The Spirit Guides from the Light, The Divine Ones, Zora the Divine Healer from the Light & Archangel Michael”) for your answers and Channel messages. Jolie does this through auto writing combined with channeling and her clairvoyant abilities. She will send you an email of the information, messages & guidance she has received specifically for you.

Please ask your questions then state your full name and also include your permission for Jolie to ask the Spirit Guides (named above) & Your Guides from the Light to do this session. You will  receive your message within 48-72 hours (often the same day!)

Please make sure you email Jolie below+with your questions  AND make your payment via Paypal. Thank you!

6 consecutive Months of Channeled Angel readings

6  months of consecutive  email- Readings 

Messages  from the Light

This is for 6  months of consecutive readings channeled by Jolie DeMarco personally for you via email.
You are not asking questions just receiving information from Archangel Micheal & your guides of light.

$55.55  per month for 6 months.
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Hi, I’m Jolie DeMarco. I channel Archangel Michael, which mean I receive accurate information for someone that needs insight or guidance in their lives.

I am offering Online Readings this is a service I provide for many.  Today you can join my monthly Consecutive online reading where I channel specifically for you- each month you receive information from Angels on what is best for you & ur purpose that month!

Today go to this link, it is only $55.55 per month (you can cancel anytime) to receive a detailed reading specifically channeled by Jolie (me) for you.

I channel information that is important for you each Month to guide you and keep you on track with life’s bumps.  Each Month you will receive your  messages and guidance that are channeled specifically for you. Within the 1st – 4th of the month you will receive your Reading. The Archangel Messages will be emailed to you.  Jolie will also include some Extra information.( must be 18 years or older and state that you give Jolie “permission” to read your energy.)  YOU will love your Archangel Messages!

I can only do so many since I’m just me– one  human person:)
which means I have limited spots open for this.I hope to  channel for you! I am  grateful to do so.

I look forward to talking to your Angels & guides for you!