High Vibes Crystal Healing

High Vibes Crystal Healing

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Crystals as Modern day Vitamins

Crystal and gemstones are similar to modern day vitamins to our body. After-all, medicines and vitamins originally derived from elements and minerals. We know in today’s world some big conglomerate companies sometimes add chemicals and unknown substances that are not natural to our bodies. Wanna stick to the natural alternatives if you believe in a natural way of life?

Make your own choice. Know that certain combos of any medicines or herbs can be bad. Especially if we use too much of something or mix too many. This friends -is the art of experimenting, and lucky you, I did that for you!

I share  my incredible Crystal  Body Layouts. These crystal combinations can help you release,adjust, advance and/or balance.  Their vibrational energy can assist in  your self-healing processes.  This helps you reach  optimal wellness. In my book called High Vibes Crystal Healing– frequencies  and Body Layout that will Rock your World!  By llewellyn Publishing.I share these 26 amazing crystal body layouts with step by step directions and guided meditations -the perfect blends for positive results. You will also learn How to become a Master Crystal healer and Master Home Gridder!  22 essential oils as enhancers,66 crystal and their usage, along with a full color chart- to connect crystals to assist with ailments.

Got Questions?

  • Are you attracted to certain crystals or gemstones that make you have to buy them?

This attraction is because your body’s chemistry needs the crystals elements. Intuitively your body senses this. You might be thinking to yourself, “I’m not a psychic or intuitive person.’” But guess what? We all are. It’s our human nature to survival and well-being. Instincts are part of who we are- and intuition is that inner knowing of self-healing knowledge.

  • What is Crystal Healing? How can it help you. I have administered several “tests” in 10 years, of how crystals work and how people react to them. This from a physically and intuitive standpoint, along with mentally, physically and spiritually.

Crystal healing is used for assisting the human body and  balancing one’s energetic auric layers. This can be accomplished by knowledgeable  crystal Practitioners known as Crystal  healers or energy practitioners.  Anyone can learn this modality. Crystal Healing is taught in person or  online. To become a Certified High Vibes Crystal Junkie- I mean ,( laughing out loud)  Crystal Healer, simply  visit our Academy located in Boca Raton and Deerfield Beach Florida .   You can also Join Jolie on her Crystal Junkie -Mania! High Vibe Crystal Healing Tour!  She will be near you area, please check the listing of where and when she will be- she offers many FREE seminars to get you started in the world of Crystal Mania!

Jolie’s High Vibes Crystal Healer Certification course will be online at www.Crystal Junkie.com

Crystals and gemstones induce wellness and healing of the human body’s  energy field. Many crystals and gemstones have mineral properties that help our energy field’s balance and therefore can balance us on an emotional, mental, psychical and spiritual levels. Total wellness. Plus it is fun!


 Can Crystals Make you feel High?

Ugh,the answer is – Yes.
Did you know that the same endorphins our brain releases during meditations with crystals and gemstones are the same endorphins that give us that “euphoric” feeling when we drink or party too much?

I believe that feeling good is great, but why destroy brain cells over it.
Crystal healing is a new healthy way to discover you. It is especially positive for healing our emotions and mental state of mind. Crystals can help us let go-release unwanted negative feelings,  become stress-free, relaxed and  they can enhance our moods in a positive way. All in all, we want  to feel good. Right?
Crystals and Stones protect us and balance us. They can motivate,bring  new perceptions to your purposes in life and can help advance us as well.
Ya gotta try some of my ultimate, epic  Crystal layout combinations they will Rock ur world!  Join me.

I admit it.
I am a Crystal Junkie™
I love Crystals!

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