Jolie DeMarco is a spiritual lifestyle expert:  author, inspirational speaker, grounded intuitive. Jolie is a Crystal healer aka. Crystal Junkie, guru of Meditation and named best Soul Talkin’ Clairvoyant.  She is an extraordinarily gifted Messenger. She is an Automatic Writing Medium, Reiki Master/Teacher & Crystal Energy Healer. She is the president and founder of  two enchanted spaces you can visit.  The first, My Flora Aura, a Mindful Meditation Center & Metaphysical retail space in Boca Raton Florida..  Her 2nd location named  Crystal junkie -High Vibes a  space created for workshops and crystals galore in Deerfield Beach Florida. WE call t the Healthy Hang-out. Both unique positive energy spaces.

​Jolie always says and I quote her:

“I am just a pipeline of which  positive energy flows through me into others– as a scribe, messenger and a tunnel of healing vibes- direct from a universal source– that’s whomever you believe in –  I am just the conduit.”

I think that explains a lot. Jolie  also says, “ I am grateful  for my gifts  to share with others.”
Jolie is the innovator of Crystal Junkie a proprietary healing system and retail site with intuitively guided Crystal products , specialized  guided meditations and courses. Each designed to support high vibrational healing through the use of crystals and gemstones.  Her book High VibesCrystal Healing -Crystal Frequencies  and Body layouts that will Rock your World!  available now with Llewellyn worldwide Publishing! You can purchase on Barnes and Noble & the Llewellyn website

Jolie successes ;She is a writer and author of 8 books-and says 8 more to go!  Her best includes;  Soul Talking  & Relationships, High Vibe Crystal Healing -Crystal Frequencies that will Rock Your World! ,The Energy Exchange, How to Meditate Easily, and Parallel Minds. She created several divination systems- some call these oracle decks.

Check out her i-Tunes & Android APPs:   Healing Mandalas; reflecting 30  Mandalas channeled to bring the viewer a self- healing-plus intuitive reading of their current life. Fins, Fur & Flight Spirit messages from Nature, and Soul Talking & Relationships- brings guidance on Love, family & friendships. Galileo’s TIME– helps you find out when an occurrence will happen! All are available as APPs and physical oracle cards.
Jolie ‘s  popular for her professionally guided meditations because they are embedded with positive frequencies.Easily downloaded from her website Crystal These are just a few of her best sellers: Soul Talking  , Chakra Healing, Galileo out- of -body experience, Find one of your Souls Purpose on a journey and her guided Polarity Meditation.

All of Jolie’s products and workshops support a positive lifestyle.    She is  highly sought after for her abilities to channel for personal readings; she shares accurate intuitive knowledge & empathic body reading.   Identifying  for her clients’ highest good, then empowers them to what she calls “high vibes” lifestyles. Living happily. Treat yourself to a workshop , browse her websites -through the vast and unique array of alternative healing modalities she offers.

You can follow Jolie DeMarco on YOU TUBE, or Television  TLC  ” I am Jazz” Show- season 5 episodes 2, and 11 – she is featured in magazines such as: Palm Beach Woman, YOGA, Boca Raton Magazine. You can meet her at one of her meditation’s, Retreats,workshops -or for a private reading . The sessions are truly life changing.