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Blue apatite


Apatite – a bluish green stone with a clear look to it. A Mineral used in the medical field to build bone and enamels in the human body. Also used for fertilizers. This healing stone is wonderful for healing any bone issues , broken bones, and helps reliving pain in the “human casing” (body form). Believe it or not Apatite is also being used to deploy radioactive material in the ground water near the Columbia River. Reference; (ehow.com)
this has been something that is quite amazing to me, since I have recently been receiving channeled messages about” Phosphate. “The guides have been expressing that I should “research” this Phosphate and how it “affects humans for the future.” I am feeling and thinking that both apatite and phosphate have something to do with the “Contamination year ‘” and its” road to recovery.”
As of now, I am a BIG fan of apatite.

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