Soul Talking & Relationships

Soul Talking & Relationships


This is your event.

Time to clear your souls energy of negatives!

That’s right. You can do it!

Just take a listen to my video on “how to clear your souls energy.”

Step by step. You cleanse your soul.

No religion

No bull

Just you intentionally clearing your “junk” from the energy of you.


If you’ve feel the need to rid yourself of “stuff” in your life that holds you back or feels heavy on your body and mind- this is it.

It is called Soul Talking.

​No coincidences. You found me.

My name is Jolie DeMarco- I am a messenger- one to guide you to peaceful happy living.

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Directions to Soul Talk with you
Directions to Soul Talk with others
Soul Talking  Guided Meditation- step by step instructions