About Jolie

Jolie is a person with a BIG imagination, and she loves to dream. Childlike at times, but wise for her years…

Jolie has written several poems, short stories, funny songs since she was age 8, her personal journals are humorous to say the least. As a child Jolie was “special”; afraid of the dark, “things in her closet and room, that were not of this realm.” She aspired to be a geologist at this young age and made jewelry from stones she polished in a rock tumbler. Her favorite stone was “tigers eye.”(used for protection)

As she grew older she still got “visitors”, but didn’t understand how or what they wanted. After college Jolie knew it was a blessing to “listen” to the “visitors,” and was self taught clairvoyant abilities. Today Jolie fully understands how to use her abilities and teaches workshops on how to use these special abilities. Jolie feels she serves others with her gift of hearing messages from Archangels, spirits and higher knowledge. Jolie is a Messenger of the Light.

Jolie decided to self-publish some of her “better” writings. With this, she discovered that she wanted to make children & people in general laugh and smile more often. Jolie is positive this will happen if you read her stories!
Jolie wrote 3 Mindful children books in the year 2007.  Then in 2010 the genre  went to  self -healing as she wrote and published several books; The 2nd  Shift-a book of healing  for our new  world, The Energy Exchange & How to Manifest with it, along with STONED! a Premium Crystal layout guide for wellness, 10 Things You Should Know About Your Psychic Intuition and her famous book called Soul Talking & Relationships  is powerful and insightful .In fact, many people posted about their life changing results from the soul talking techniques! Jolie shares a free website just on how to soul talk and FREE MP3 download to her guided Soul Talking meditation.

In 2010 Jolie created the Healing Mandala oracle deck –it is super unique and give the user a self- reading , and includes how to use the deck for healing purposes. Currently her new deck to accompany the Soul Talking and Relationship book, is the  Relationship oracle deck. Jolie’s 3rd deck is called Galileo’s TIME oracle deck which helps you find timing on when an event  you would like to know about will occurs!

If you are someone that would like a light read  Jolie’s fun-fiction book called Parallel Minds-DeeLori’s Table 42  it is a metaphysical humorous chick flick .

Jolie is speaking/teaching about higher vibrational energy and healing modalitites that derived from the books around the USA and you can find her on YOUTube.

In addition to writing, Jolie has been in the floral industry for over 18 years. She started with a roadside flower stand(1996), ( yeah! she totally sold flowers on the side of the road!) then saved her money to open & operate 2 flower shops! She taught floral design and specialized in weddings and events. She was awarded “Top Wedding Vendor in 2008-2010.”Simultaneously she worked for Mr.Donald Trump as his “in house” Floral manager and designer of the prestigious Mar-a-Lago In Palm Beach, FL and his Trump International Golf Club.

Jolie has had hardships like everyone, she healed from environmental toxins, mold poisoning, melanoma and cervical spine surgery all within 3 years. She often says these experiences gave her “character” and that she was “re-wired.” She claims it made her a clearer channel of messages and conduit of healing energies.

In 2010 Jolie  opened a Mindful Healing Center to combine all the beautiful and relaxing things in life into one shop.  This she named “My Flora Aura”.It has all the things she loves.

These things she loves: organic fair trade teas and products, an oxygen bar, Crystals,books & oracle decks, Angel & clairvoyant channeled messages from the Light, Reiki, vibrational and crystal healing, workshops of green lifestyle, aroma-therapy, specialized meditation rooms and teaching self-healing with spiritually channeled mandalas.

As of 2015- Jolie followed another message from her spirit guides in opening a 2nd location. A place for bigger  classes mainly a community center for all ages. She features open forums for people to speak about things they are passionate of to share with others. She named this the  My Spirit Center. Her tagline Learn -Teach-Share.

Jolie is an advocate of high vibrational living( that means living happily.)She is an inspirational speaker, author, certified Angel Messenger™ clairvoyant, Medium, Empath & Channel. Jolie is a Reiki Master, Crystal healer and  inventor of Light Tunnel Energy Healing™.

She refers herself as a pipeline or conduit for this healing modalities, which she includes physical and energetic body reading.She says she is not the healer but the messenger or  conduit.

Jolie enjoys sharing her gifts with others. She has helped many people with  channeled messages.These special messages she receives through her 6th sense. She is a “Messenger of the Light”. Jolie’s mission is to share her loving intentions for universal manifestations of life and Love.