How To Soul Talk

The Soul Talking TM Technique

Definition of a soul:

A soul is the infinite energy of you. Not the skin and bones- but the energetic part of you.

What is a Soul Talk?

In definition a soul talk  is a meditation that can cleanse the energy imprint of your soul. When performing a soul talk- the energy of you can get a deep cleansing. This means releasing negative “junk” from your true self and all that you consist of.

It will help you make a positive or equal energy exchange from carrying negative or any old junk-from this life to any other lifetime.

It is simple science .

Release and replace- let go of negative vibes  and replace that “space’ with positive vibes.

Negative vibes carry low frequencies. Positive vibes carry high happy frequencies.

You are made up of vibrations.  This is infinite energy.

Vibrations are simply energy that holds, carries and or emits energy vibrations at certain frequencies.

You can change your own frequency with thoughts.  Thoughts carry vibrational frequencies that can be positive , negative or null.

​Choose positive- or change them to be positive.

Why Soul talk?

When you soul talk-  you can replace the negative of anything!   Such as a negative thoughts, negative habits and negative behaviors- including addictive behaviors. You can do a soul talk with yourself and you can also soul talk with other people- GET this- the other people don’t have to be physically present.

This is an energy meditation !

I know you will ask-so…

Examples that Soul talking can let go of:   -would be allowing others to treat you badly. – releasing jealousy and jealous behaviors – Fears of success-self sabotaging your own success- -releasing the feeling that your are unworthy of  love or good things in life. -releasing the addictions of drugs, overeating and submission -woe is me, self pity – negative endings or no closure with another person that needs to be finished between both of you.

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Soul talking allows the self-the soul energy of you – this includes your human body & mind to release negatives and replace with positive energy.

For example:  Lets say their is something that you have passion for, it could also be a goal. This would be something positive for you to strive towards. You are setting an intention for replacing negative emotions and thoughts that vibrate at a low frequency and replacing them with a higher positive frequency that will make you happier and healthier.

Sample:  I am and allow myself to release any old patterns from my life such as: drugs and I am and I allow myself to fill that space with feeling happy – and I also allow myself to be happy by taking on a new hobby such as group softball.  Your inner strength is YOU allowing YOU to  basically  accept and give yourself permission to move forward and let go  of whatever you want to!

However, if you really don’t want to- you won’t.   Your soul is the pure energy of you.  Your soul is your higher self the all knowing you. The human part of you can advise the soul to let go or erase or add whatever you intend to with thoughts and actions. ​ Intention is what you desire and project.  Knowing the meaning of the word can help you understand how to feel it.

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Do the Self-Soul talk Or The Soul Talk with others.

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