Soul Talking & Relationships

We all have relationships. They can be with your family, friends, partners or lovers.

We all have  relationships that need  mending too. It can be from the past, present or future.

Mending  is one important factor in life because we all mess up at one time or another. Relationships are a learning process.   There are great ones,good ones,boring ones, bad ones and really aggravating ones. Yada yada, yada. We all want the perfect relationships.Yeah, I know.

Sometimes life is  super hard but using words like “perfect” can put  a lot  of pressure on anyone. I talk about good relationships. Yeah ya know the happy ones. I show you how to mend em , get  em and release them as needed. I have the no fail criteria.

You can read all about the No regret  test and rule, mending,and more.

And now my pitch…. Soul Talking  & Relationships  the book.   It ain’t no jive.

by Jolie DeMarco

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