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Jolie a best- selling author and metaphysical expert. She teaches her innovative modalities around the globe.
She’s an advocate of high  vibrational living- meaning to” live happy.”

Jolie is known for these powerful, yet unique ways of teaching self -healing;
Soul Talking ® is profound technique of how to release unwanted negative junk from your total being- energetically & physically. It brings balancing and cleansing !

Master Meditator.  As guru of meditation, Jolie brings easy to understand techniques for everyone and all levels!

Expert of Crystal Healing and named  Crystal Junkie®!
She facilitates certified workshops & retreats teaching crystal healing to promote wellness.

Intuitively gifted, Jolie loves to share higher knowledge – in a fun, light  delivery.
People call her the Messenger of the Light. She is a promoter of personal power!

When people ask Jolie to describe herself she says; ‘Im a Soul Talkin’, Crystal Junkie with Master Meditation skills!”